Owl 4 Flying Binoculars

Owl 4  Flying Binoculars <br>UAS
  • ‘Flying Binoculars’ for small teams to see ‘over the hill’, ‘round the corner’ and ‘inside the building’.
  • Sub-250g Class Nano UAS / Soldier Borne Sensor.
  • So small that it ‘fits in a shirt pocket’.
  • Open for ‘plug ‘n play’ specialist payloads.
  • Taking first orders for delivery in 2018.

Owl 4TM is Swarm Systems’ 4th generation of UAS. It benefits from the company’s focus on researching sub-250g UAS for 10 years. Stephen Crampton, CEO stated ‘The user need is for stable, high-quality imagery any place, any time – that is what Owl 4TM delivers.’

The main feedback that Swarm Systems has had from deployments of other, first generation Nano UAS Air Vehicles in Afghanistan and Iraq that are much, much lighter is that they are not able to be used when the wind increases or when GNSS (GPS) is denied. Operation in strong wind and when GNSS is denied are two key capabilities of Owl 4TM.

The next major requirement was for an Open Systems UAS. Owl 4TM delivers a capability where specialists can develop ‘plug ‘n play’ payloads for the Air Vehicle.

Regulators in the United States, the European Union, China and many other countries are settling on 250g as the limit below which an Air Vehicle is seen as ‘intrinsically safe’. There is no requirement for Air Vehicle registration.