Aviation week reviews Nano UAV market

Aviation week reviews Nano UAV market

The latest issue of Aviation week has reviewed the Nano UAS market and reports on Swarm Systems as follows:

“The recently announced Owl 4 quadcoptor from British company Swarm Systems represents a different approach. At under 250 grams, it provides the maximum possible payload and endurance while not being an aviation hazard – at the “sweet spot” of capability according to CEO Stephen Crampton. He adds that the SBS limit has been increased to 250 grams.

“Owl has a modular design to accept plug-and-play payloads from third-party developers. Its initial role will be as “Flying Binoculars” with both thermal and daylight cameras on a stabilized gimbal, but alternative payloads will provide a wider range of capabilities.

“Owl might carry a chemical sniffer able to detect traces of explosives or toxic gases, or an electronic warfare package to locate and ta into enemy battlefield communications. Another payload being considered is an offensive jammer for the counterdrone mission, getting close to enemy drones to selectively block their communications and bring them down. Ground-based jammers risk bringing down friendly drones or causing other collateral electronic damage and are limited to line of sight.”

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